HappySignals Analytics Release 1.10 2019-12-05

Release notes!

HappySignals Analytics Live Screens


Administrators can now create live screens via HappySignals Analytics. Old magic links will work after this update. To see how the live screen administration works, see this https://support.happysignals.com/help/livescreen – the edit/create live screens see this.

What is a live screen? see here!

HappySignals Analytics Users and Activities


Administrators can now download a list of users based on their selected filters as CSV.


Administrators can now download a list of user activities based on their selected filters as CSV.




  • All browsers obey “hard refresh” when refreshing the feedback data in cache.
  • Live Screen best vs. worst now cut looong feedback texts neatly.
  • Settings Filter selection acted funnily when fewer than 3 filters were selected. This is now fixed.
  • Enterprise Classification toggle/switch is now wider to accommodate long ESM names.
  • Top/sub company to selectable fields in config – this is a MSP demand.
  • Filter box title also collapses a long list of unique values.
  • In Invite Users the personalize message is now minimized.
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