Live Screens List

Live Screens enables you to create a slide set of figures and insight important to you, your team and your organization.

Requires HappySignals Analytics Administrator level role.

To see all of your live screens go to settings and select "Live Screens".

A list is presented  - actions and elements listed below.

  1. To select the top level of the live screen use the toggle on top of the screen. If you select e.g. IT, only IT feedback is taken into account for data presented in the live screen slides.
  2. Use search to find your live screen.
  3. You can set a live screen to be published of unpublished.
  4. Name of a live screen can be set by editing the live screen. Accessing editing view, click on the name.
  5. Clicking New Screen takes you to an empty live screen set. See Creating and Editing a Live Screen.
    1. View screen starts the live screen slideshow
    2. Copy link copies a link to your live screen to your clipboard.
    3. Delete removes the live screen altogether.
    4. To access the action menu, press the three dots.
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