Start here: How is HappySignals taken into use?

Taking HappySignals to production can happen in as short time as a couple of weeks! Read below how to start getting benefits.

1. Before starting the implementation

  • Take care of the basics - objectives, contact persons, contract
  • Assign persons - definitions and decision making, technical implementation, testing, communication and change management
  • Set up environments - HappySignals will create these for you

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2. Kick-off, Definitions, Installation - only 3 meetings needed

  • Walk through the product, agree upon next steps and set the schedule for launch.
  • Make detailed definitions for installing and configuring HappySignals in the customer environment.
  • Install HappySignals to the development environment.

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3. Test the solution with simple test cases

  • Giving scores and feedback for a resolved ticket
  • Viewing and analyzing the scores and feedbacks in HappySignals Analytics
  • Looking at the scores and feedbacks from the Service Desk agent's perspective

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4. Release to Test and Production

  • As soon as you are ready, set up the Test and Production environments
  • Start your change management activities: Inform the end-users, support management with analysis of data
  • Plan for future improvements

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5. Learn how to utilize the data in an Analysis Workshop

  • After the solution has been up-and-running for 1-2 months, show the goodies to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Go through the results and learn how to interpret them with management, decision-makers and other persons who will benefit from HappySignals.

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