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How to test the Service Experience application?

Here are 3 test cases that can be used for verifying that the integration between HappySignals and the ticketing system works.

The end-to-end test case verifies the integration flow from ticket resolved to feedback received; it does not address any of the ticketing system's internal processes except for the e-mail sending and feedback receiving. The test involves all actors. Below are the test cases needed to make sure everything works as it should.

Test case 1: As a user I want to give feedback for a service I have received

1. Agent

An agent resolves a ticket/case (type Incident, enterprise classification IT) in the ticketing system and the system sends an e-mail to the caller in question. E-mail sent contains HappySignals vote buttons.

2. Caller

The caller selects one of the vote buttons and clicks it. The buttons in the e-mail are clickable and upon clicking the caller is taken to HappySignals Feedback form.

3. Caller

As the caller lands onto feedback form the caller’s selection of the vote buttons in the e-mail is persisted. Feedback form shows the right selected number.

4. Caller

Caller wants to change the number given and clicks '+' and '-' signs in the feedback form. The number changes and answer options change in Factors section.

5. Caller

Caller gives/selects: Factors (1 to many), gives text input, selects lost worktime and answers to profiling questions*. Caller clicks "Send". A Thank you page is shown.

* If the caller has not answered the profiling questions before and the case in question is IT incident

Test case 2: As an Analytics User I want to see feedback from Use Case 1 in HappySignals Analytics

1. Analytics User

Analytics User logs into the HappySignals Analytics. Analytics Dashboard is shown.

2. Analytics User

Analytics User selects the feedback that was given in Use Case 1 from the dashboard "Latest Comments". User is taken to "Feedback" and only the selected feedback is shown.

Test case 3: As a Service Desk Agent I want to see the feedback from Use Case 1 in my ITSM-tool

1. Service Desk Agent

Service Desk Agent navigates in the ticketing system to the DB table, list or other storage, where HappySignals Feedback is stored. The db table/list has at least one feedback.

2. Service Desk Agent

Service Desk Agent investigates the data in the feedback. At least a reference to the original ticket is shown with all the data the caller gave in Use Case 1 step 5.