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  2. Rollout
  3. Details about HappySignals rollout

What meetings are needed in Setup Phase? Who should participate?

HappySignals is set up for testing through 3 meetings.

1. Kickoff - 1 hour

HappySignals is demonstrated and walked through once more to everyone who needs to know about it before the go-live. The main target is to agree upon next steps and set the schedule for launch.


  • Get to know all persons and their expectations
  • Go through the main objectives: Why will HappySignals be taken into use in the customer organization?
  • Demonstrate the use of HappySignals
  • Walk through the technical rollout process
  • Agree on target schedule and next meetings


All stakeholders and the persons who will be responsible for the implementation.
  • Person responsible for the installation and rollout of HappySignals
  • Person responsible for Service Desk (can be internal or outsourced)
  • Person responsible for the ITSM system
  • Person responsible for making ITSM system and process decisions
  • The IT and business stakeholders that will have value from the use of HappySignals


2. Technical Installation - 2 hours

HappySignals is installed to the customer's development environment. HappySignals team participates and gives instructions, but installation is done by the customer or their ITSM system partner.

After this meeting HappySignals is working end-to-end with the customer's ITSM system.


This meeting is 100% technical so only technical persons are needed. The person(s) must have admin access to the customer's ITSM system.


3. Definition - 2 hours

Detailed definitions are made for installing and configuring HappySignals in the customer environment.


  • Define category data used and transferred to HappySignals. HappySignals will present the best practice for defining what data has good enough quality to be used.
  • Define the e-mail template and notification changes needed. In minimum the rating button row is added to e-mails; in many cases also the e-mail template is simplified by customer.
  • Define how the data is shown to service desk agents.
  • Make a decision on languages used. (The survey can be shown in employees' own language.)


  • Person responsible for the ITSM system
  • Person responsible for making ITSM system and process decisions
  • Person responsible for the installation of HappySignals