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How to get HappySignals applications from ServiceNow Store

Before you can download any of our products from ServiceNow Store, you need to have a contract with HappySignals.

Once you have a signed contract with HappySignals you can follow these steps to get the HappySignals applications from ServiceNow Store.

Requesting for HappySignals App:

  1. Person who has ServiceNow HI Account in your organisation logs in to store.servicenow.com, searches for HappySignals, selects the correct application from the list and clicks “Request App”.
  2. HappySignals receives the request and approves it. This usually takes one work day or less.
  3. Your ServiceNow HI Account person receives a confirmation email with instructions. HI Account person selects “Get” from HappySignals Application page in ServiceNow Store, selects the ServiceNow instances where you want the application to be available and submits the form.
  4. Application is now available in the selected ServiceNow instances and is ready for installation. Installation can be done by anyone with Admin role in your ServiceNow instance.

Installing the App:

  1. Log in to the ServiceNow instance on which you want to install the app.
  2. Navigate to System Applications > All available applications > All.
  3. Search for HappySignals
  4. Locate the app and click Install. Your app is automatically installed onto your instance.


    If you haven't installed any application from ServiceNow store before, we are happy to help you :)