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How to proceed when you want to download Employee Experience App from ServiceNow Store?

Before you can download our product from ServiceNow Store, you need to have a contract with HappySignals.

After signing the contract these are steps how you get HappySignals Employee Experience installed into your ServiceNow instance.

  1. First thing is to provide some information to us which is needed for the entitlement from ServiceNow. We collect the information and send it to ServiceNow. Following information is needed:
    1. Name of the person who has ServiceNow HI Account (this person completes the App purchase from ServiceNow Store)
    2. Name of the ServiceNow instance where you want to install HappySignals Employee Experience (Name at least one instance, but we recommend naming all instances you wish to have the app installed to, i.e. happydev.service-now.com, happytest.service-now.com, happy.service-now.com)
  2. After this ServiceNow will process the entitlement and it can take a few days. The named HI account holder will receive an email from ServiceNow, when the entitlement is ready. This email will contain instructions on how to continue.
  3. Next the person with the HI Account logs into ServiceNow store and completes the purchase. Please note that there will be total application price visible on the ServiceNow Store form but that's something you don't need to worry. You will always be invoiced directly by HappySignals and according to prices agreed with HappySignals. Steps for completing purchase:
    1. Go to the Application store page 
    2. Log in with your HI credentials.  
    3. Click on Complete Purchase
    4. You will be presented with the contract details
    5. Select which ServiceNow instances you wish to install the app to (all recommended)
    6. Accept the Site Terms of Use checkbox and click on Complete Purchase button
    7. Application is now enabled for install on your ServiceNow instances.  
  4. After you have completed the purchase, the application will be available in your ServiceNow instances and is ready for installation. Installation can be done by anyone with admin role in your instance. Steps to installing app:
    1. Log in to the ServiceNow instance on which you want to install the app.
    2. Navigate to System Applications > All available applications > All.
    3. Search for HappySignals Employee Experience
    4. Locate the app and click Install. Your app is automatically installed onto your instance.

    If you haven't installed any application from ServiceNow store, we are happy to help you :).