2024 HappySignals Releases

Last updated on 2024-03-11

March 2024

  • Quarterly, Half-yearly, and Yearly Reports: In addition to Monthly Reports, you can now create reports for more time periods. Set up a recurring report with your selected filters, and a fresh report will be available at the beginning of each period.

    202403_Reports for more time periods

February 2024

  • Easier viewing of selected filters: We've made it easier to see at a glance what filters are selected around the platform – in the filter bar, Initiatives, Additional Questions, and more! You can now read longer filter names in full, and see your selection grouped into Categories for a quick overview.

    202402_Improved Filter Bar

  • Add a Responsible for Initiatives and XLAs: Set any HappySignals user as a Responsible for Initiatives and XLAs to make ownership visible on the platform. Assigned Responsibles will be able to edit their Initiatives or XLAs.

    202402_Responsible for Initiative XLA-2