Can I access and listen to Product Training Sessions?

HappySignals hosts regular Product Training Sessions for all its customers. These Product Training Sessions are focused on major releases, such as platform changes, interface changes, or key features. For all of these sessions, recordings are available to listen in below. 

30.01.2024 - Product Training Session  - Mastering Additional Questions Feature!

The Additional Questions provide a versatile toolset for enhancing surveys and gathering specific insights. By utilizing this feature, survey creators can tailor inquiries to their exact needs, whether it’s delving deeper into a particular topic or customizing questions for different respondent segments.  Additional Questions not only enrich the data collected but also benefit IT departments by providing deeper insights into user preferences, behaviors, and requirements. After collecting responses, a thorough analysis of the data allows for actionable insights to be drawn, aiding decision-making processes.

  • What are Additional Questions and what can you do with them? (Starting:  02:45)
  • What do you get and how does it benefit IT? (Starting:  6:44) 
  • Things to consider when asking Additional Questions - (Starting:  8:30) 
  • How does it work? - Creating Questions for different needs (Starting:  13:10)
  • Approve and activate Questions (Starting:  19:18)
  • How are Additional Questions shown to respondents? - (Starting:  34:00)
  • Analyzing the answers - (Starting:  36:30)
  • Q&A - (Starting:  11:30 / 38:35 / 42:00) 


If you want to read more about the feature and release, please go to the Additional Questions Support Page or Release Notes.