[Video Guide] How to install Proactive IT Experience application to ServiceNow

Getting HappySignals IT Experience application up and running in your ServiceNow instance is usually very easy and quick. We will also be helping you throughout the installation and set up process.

Before you start

There are couple of things to note before starting the installation process: 

  1. make sure you have administrator access on the ServiceNow instance where you are installing the application
  2. make sure you have access to the HappySignals cloud service
  3. make sure you have received the following information from HappySignals: 
    1. End-point URLs to your HappySignals cloud services.
      Generally, the end-point URL looks something like: https://[your company name].happysignals.com
    2. A shared secret, which is used to make sure responses come from your environment
    3. API-key for two way integration between HappySignals cloud service and your ServiceNow Instance
  4. make sure you have requested the IT Experience application from the ServiceNow store. For details on how to do this, see our article on "How to proceed when you want to download our Application from ServiceNow Store?"

Do you prefer reading instead of videos? Check out our text guide of the IT experience installation.



Step 1: Application Overview


Step 2: Global Settings


Step 3: Set up your First Survey


Step 4: Testing your Survey



Remember, if you encounter any issues with the IT Experience application during or after installation, please contact us on support@happysignals.com

That is it, you have now installed and configured HappySignals IT Experience to your ServiceNow instance.