How to measure experiences of your Service Portal

This article goes through four different use cases of how you can utilise the HappySignals Service Portal IT Experience survey to measure the experiences of your Service Portal.

Case 1: Survey on specific portal pages

A common use case for the widgets is to gather feedback from specific portal pages. The index or landing page is usually a good place to set the feedback rating and call to action as this page is usually the most viewed one.

Although the index page is a really good place to start, asking for feedback from other pages as well can provide valuable insight on your portal. You can get a good idea of what pages your end-users visit in the portal by looking at the portal statistic provided by ServiceNow. 

Service Portal - Usage Overview

To look for these statistics in your ServiceNow instance navigate to "Service Portal > Usage Overview".

The overview page provides you information such as most viewed pages of your portal, popular search terms, most viewed KB articles and more.

From the most viewed pages, you could select for example the top three or top five pages where you include the HappySignals widgets to gather feedback.

To add the HappySignals widget(s) on a specific page follow our guide over here: How to install and configure Portal Experience in ServiceNow

Case 2: Survey after a specific action in the portal

Another interesting case is to survey a user after a specific action they make on the portal. There are two ways this can be achieved with HappySignals portal measurement.

  1. Direct the user to a thank you or ticket confirmation page after the action and display the survey pop-up there automatically.
    1. To add the HappySignals widget on a specific page follow our guide over here: How to install and configure Portal Experience in ServiceNow
  2. Call the survey pop-up from another widget after a certain action. This requires technical know-how on service portal widgets.
    1. The support for this functionality is coming up in new release of the application, stay tuned.

Case 3: Survey on all pages across the portal

If you really want to figure out how your users feel about your portal then you can enable the HappySignals widgets across your entire portal. 

In this case, the HappySignals widgets will be added to a footer element of your portal. As the footer is the same throughout all the different portal pages you have, the survey can appear on any page a user might visit.

With the contextual data that we gather from the portal, you can easily identify which page the user was on when they responded to the survey.

Article describing how to do this is coming up, stay tuned.

Case 4: Use multiple cases together

 We have made the HappySignals widgets quite flexible which enables you to combine multiple different approaches for portal measuring.

You could for example:

  • Enable the survey pop-up across the whole portal and show the call to action on specific pages.
  • Use call to action and survey pop-up on most viewed pages and also survey after specific actions.