HappySignals Release - 28 August 2023

With this release, you can now set up monthly reports for any filter set, to easily follow and share data you're interested in.

🎉 New: Set up monthly reports 

Good news! You can now set up monthly reports to follow and share data from the filter set you're interested in. Previously, this feature required our Customer Happiness team to set up the reports on your behalf.

Set up a report either from the Experience page with your filters selected, or from the Share page. Watch the demo below or read this detailed guide.

  • All reports created by users in your organization can be found on the Share page under Shared content.
  • A new report summarizing the previous month's data will be available on the 1st day of each month. To see reports from earlier months, use the month selector at the top right of each report.

  • Reports last viewed / created by you will be located at the top left of the Shared content section for easy access, followed by other reports in order of popularity (views by any users).

Only HappySignals users with either administrator or member roles can create reports. Admins can edit all reports, while Members can only edit their own reports. Observers can only view reports created by others.

✨ Other enhancements

  • User preferences will be remembered even when you access HappySignals on different devices / browsers. These preferences include e.g. Measurement area selection, Sorting modes, Graph and Feedback page display settings.