HappySignals Release - 25 September 2023

We've rolled out some enhancements to Initiatives and XLAs, Monthly Reports, and data exports. Read on to find out what's new!

🎉 Add links to Initiatives and XLAs

Now you can add links to external tools, related webpages or files to your Initiatives and XLAs. Make it easy for your team to find all relevant information in one place. (Note: Links must start with "http://" or "https://")

 Watch this short demo to see how it's done:

🎉 Export data as Excel file

We've made it easier to manage your data exports! Now you can download data as an Excel file from the Identify > Feedback page. 


🎉 Follow response rates in monthly reports

Now you can see how response rate has developed over the last 6 months in each monthly report. Response rates for each month are shown in brackets above the graph, next to the response volume values. Learn more about creating reports


  • Global Benchmarks for Requests will now be shown even if your organization is sending the ticket type name as “Service Request” or "Requested Item“
  • Minor bug fixes