Why HappySignals Response Rate is so high?

There are a few reasons why we believe we are getting better response rates compared to industry averages. With HappySignals the response rate is typically over 20%, and more mature customers reach even 40% or more.

1) The biggest influencer here is asking for feedback at the right time. HappySignals survey is part of your support process, it is sent by your ITSM tool and when a ticket is resolved (not separately some time after closure). In fact, the survey is part of the same email that is anyway send to the employee. With HappySignals way, you are asking the employee to "accept resolution by rating the service". As getting a rating practically means the ticket can now be closed, there is no need for additional closure email. This makes employees feel that there is less meaningless communication.

2) We want to know how employees really feel, why they loved or hated the service. You're much more likely to get an answer when you show that you care, not only did you in Service Desk follow your processes.

3) Asking about lost time is also seen as a positive sign. Many have said to us that "finally our IT is interested in optimising my time, not only their own efficiency".

4) By making feedback visible with the Live Screens it will motivate employees to give feedback not only once but continuously. 

In later releases there will be a possibility to communicate back to employees immediately after they have answered the survey. Using this new feature you can tell the employees what have you discovered from your analysis of earlier feedback, and what is currently being improved. This proves to employees that their feedback is an important part of continuous improvement. Closing the loop back to employees will motivate them to give feedback also in the future.