Which languages are available?

Currently we support following languages for Incident and Service Request survey form:

  • English (en)
  • Finnish (fi)
  • Swedish (sv)
  • German (de)
  • Russian (ru)
  • Estonian (et)
  • Norwegian (no)
  • Danish (da)
  • Latvian (lv)
  • Lithuanian (lt)
  • Slovak (sk)
  • Polish (pl)
  • Czech (cs)
  • Italian (it)
  • Portuguese (pt)
  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-br)
  • Spanish (es)
  • Latin American Spanish (es-419)
  • Turkish (tr)
  • Thai (th)
  • French (fr)
  • Hungarian (hu)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Chinese Simplified (zh)
  • Korean (ko)

The language codes HappySignals expects follow ISO 639-1 (https://www.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/php/code_list.php) representation of the language in question (e.g. German == de). The allowed language codes are thus:  en, fi, sv, de, ru, et, no, da, cn, it, pt-br, cs, es, es-491, pt, tr, lv, lt, th, pl, fr, hu, ja, zh-hans, ko, sv, sk

A missing or other language code will default to an English language form.

If you would like suggest some other language, please contact Support.

HappySignals Analytics portal is always in English only.