What are the feedback questions HappySignals asks from users?

In addition to the rating user selects from the resolution email, on the survey form HappySignals asks what affected the service experience by presenting a choice list of reasons for their score (i.e. factors).

This list changes depending on what the rating was, and the factors also differ somewhat for IT, HR etc. Order of factors is always randomized, to avoid unintentionally favouring a specific factor.


If user selects 9 or 10:

IT Incident Factors Positive


If user selected 7 or 8:

IT Incident Factors Neutral


If user selected 0 to 6:

IT Incident Factors Negative



If user selected 9 or 10:

If user selected 7 or 8:

If user selected 0 to 6:


Factors are shown in English or users' local language, if this info is sent to HappySignals from customer ticketing system.