Updates to IT Experience Remote Work Survey 2021-03-10

We have learned from your experiences and listened to your feedback regarding the Remote Work experience measurement. Based on that, we have made small changes to the factors the users can choose from when they respond to the Remote Work survey.

What has changed?

Remote Work survey factors have been modified based on your feedback. Some factors have been updated and some have been removed.

Updates to wording used in the survey:

  • The word "tools" is removed from the survey title, and remote working is now considered as a whole: "How happy are you with remote working?"
  • Clearer wording applied to some of the factors

Updates to available factors:

  • Shorter list of factors to select from, focusing on the most important topics
  • Factors available only for topics IT can influence

Sample of the updated survey form:

Sample of the "How happy are you with remote working" survey

Effect on the Reports view:

The earlier responses with the "old" factors will remain in HappySignals. They will disappear from the default Reports view after 2 months. The modified factor wordings will immediately start to show with the responses.


Remote Work survey is part of our Enterprise IT Experience Management, measuring all aspects of company IT. You can read more about IT Experience Management in general here.