Ticket-based IT Experience 1.4.0 for ServiceNow Release 2022-02-16

Major version upgrade, refreshed look and feel, and enablers for more advanced analytics.

Refreshed look and feel for HappySignals agent and management widgets

HappySignals Service Experience application has a new name! It is now called Ticket based-IT Experience. Widgets have been updated with a refreshed look consistent with the HappySignals brand. No functional changes to the widgets themselves.

Enablers for advanced analytics

HappySignals aims to provide more advanced analytics services to our customers, thus new optional settings are available to enable analysis. HappySignals takes privacy concerns seriously. Hence, the optional settings below are disabled by default and will only be activated for customers who opt in.

When activated, these settings enable the collection of more data to provide, for example, advanced analyses of response rate and the representativeness of response data. Collected end-user data is anonymized so that end-users cannot be identified directly on HappySignals' side, without the corresponding linking information from your ITSM system.

How to opt in to enable advanced analytics on ServiceNow?

For customers who wish to benefit from advanced analytics, ServiceNow admins can opt in by going to "General Properties" of the HappySignals Ticket-based IT Experience app, then selecting the checkboxes in the two new form fields at the bottom of the page.

Enable analysis of survey response rate

As an optional setting, you may want to send additional data to HappySignals service, including contextual data when end-users receive HappySignals survey emails. Data parameters are the same as those which are sent when end-users answer the survey. This data enables response rate calculations and analysis by HappySignals. This setting is inactive by default, unless customers opt in.

Exclude specific processes from response rate analysis

If the above response rate analysis setting is enabled, you may want to also enable a further optional setting to exclude specific processes from the response rate analysis. This can be done by defining a comma-separated list of ServiceNow table names. This setting is inactive by default, unless customers opt in.

Enable analysis of end-user base representation in response data

As an optional setting, you may want to send anonymized hashed survey receiver identifiers to HappySignals service. The collection of hashed user IDs enables additional analysis without revealing the identities of end-users. For example, customers can measure and understand how representative the response data collected is of your whole end-user base.
The data is anonymized, and there is no way for HappySignals to identify an end-user from the collected hashed user IDs. This setting is inactive by default, unless customers opt in.

    Other changes

    The following new URL parameters have been added to the Survey link:

    • source channel (sc), values: Email, MS Teams, Slack
    • source system (sn), value: ServiceNow
    • Employment started at (esa), points by default to when the user record was created
    • Opened at (oa), points by default to when the ticket was opened

    All datetime fields now use ISO 8601 time format.