Solving Irregular Survey Intervals: A Comprehensive Guide

This article addresses challenges arising from mid-cycle changes in survey frequency and fluctuating audience dynamics. It offers detailed steps to effectively resolve these issues.


In this article, we'll delve into the issue of irregular survey intervals, focusing on the context of HappySignals' Proactive IT Experience application. We'll explore the challenges posed by changes in survey frequency mid-cycle and fluctuating audience dynamics, and provide detailed steps to address these issues effectively.

Why does this happen?

Irregular survey intervals arise when the frequency of surveys is suddenly altered within a survey cycle by your organization, for example from a shorter timeframe (e.g. once every 3 months) to a longer one (e.g. once every 6 months). This inconsistency can lead to recipients receiving surveys at varying intervals, since the application will prevent any recipients from receiving the survey again until the longer time interval has passed.

What you can do resolve this?

To mitigate the effects of irregular survey intervals, follow these practical steps:

  1. Deactivate the original survey in the system settings to halt irregular distributions.
  2. Clone the survey and adjust the frequency to the desired interval (e.g., every six months).
  3. Activate the new survey to ensure a fresh start and consistent distribution intervals from now on.

Detailed Explanation of the Solution:

  • When transitioning from a shorter to a longer survey frequency, the system needs to reset and recalibrate to align with the new frequency setting, akin to resetting a counter.
  • Fluctuations in daily survey numbers can be attributed to factors such as expansion of the survey target audience, as well as built-in HappySignals features that prevent sending surveys too often to the same recipient, or on weekends.
  • The dynamic nature of audience pools, especially when shifting from a three-month to a six-month frequency, can lead to temporary distribution halts until the entire audience pool is utilized.

By following these steps, organizations can effectively address irregular survey intervals and maintain consistency in data collection processes within the HappySignals Proactive IT Experience application. This proactive approach not only ensures accurate and reliable feedback but also enhances the overall IT experience for users.

If you need more help or clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated Happy support team!