Service Experience 1.3.3 for ServiceNow Release Notes 2021-03-30

A technical upgrade release.

This technical upgrade contains some bug fixes and enhancements in the access control lists (ACL's) and the vote button row. These changes are made to improve security and Service Experience (SX) application internal processing capabilities, and thus are not directly visible for application users, and require no further customer actions. 

Release contains the following:

  • Access control list (ACL) changes in Service Experience (SX) widget
  • ACL changes to better control access to feedback records
  • Changes related to cross scope permissions (to fix reporting issues in multilanguage environments)
  • Changes in SX feedback query logic (using now HTTP Post instead of Get, using timestamps in queries)
  • Supporting a possibility to query feedbacks defining different Enterprise Service Management (ESM) areas like IT, HR, Finance
  • Changes in link creator to default some fields (datestamp, source_system, source_object, source_id, extra_id)
  • Changes how end user language code is read from ServiceNow side to support different user field mappings customers are using
  • Implementing Responsive HTML buttons to SX

Latest version is available for installation from the ServiceNow store.