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Can you change/modify old feedback data in HappySignals?

Old response data (metadata, categorization) in HappySignals can only be changed, if the "wrong data" is caused by an error or if it causes security/privacy threat.

By a general rule, HappySignals does not change any previously-recorded feedback data, unless the data is faulty because of an error that has occurred on our side, or if the data causes obvious security or privacy issues.
It sometimes happens that a customer makes changes in the source system (metadata) -- for example naming or other things like categorization. This does not fix the data stored in HappySignals or the resolution emails that have been sent out earlier. We do not make changes in the data, because this type of work is very labor-intensive compared to the value of the end result. Also, the end-users could still give feedback on older cases, where the ticket has "wrong" metadata.
Instead, we recommend patience with this, as you will see less and less of "faulty" data in the default 2 month view as days and weeks go by, and eventually you will only see the old name/category if you specifically go and look at older responses.