How to set up IT profile information to User Record in ServiceNow

With the help of HappySignals IT profiles Service Desk can personalize their communication and improve service experience for employees with different behavioural characteristics. This article gives you an example on how to set up the IT profile to ServiceNow User Record.

For more information about the HappySignals IT profiles and how to use them, please have a look at our Definitive Guide on using Profiles in IT Service Desk.


Steps how to set IT Profile into User Record in ServiceNow:

  1. Create new field in User table (sys_user) and set that field visible into your User record form. See example below:

  2. Create a new Business Rule to HappySignals Feedback table which sets the IT Profile value into new field which was created on step 1. See example settings below:

  3. Test this new function by submitting feedback and then wait or execute HappySignals Integration Job manually to get that new feedback into your ServiceNow instance. After Feedback record is inserted and you have the IT Profile value available you should see the IT Profile value also in User Record. See example screenshot below: