How is HappySignals different to ServiceNow OTB surveys?

HappySignals is a service experience management suite with everything ready-made, not just a survey tool.


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Compared to ServiceNow Survey tool here are the main differentiators of HappySignals products.

Ready-made surveys, no need to spend time on designing your own surveys. Surveys available in more than 30 languages.
  • Well researched factors to understand the reasons of user happiness
  • HappySignals Measures happiness but also the lost work time per ticket/case which is a powerful ROI business case building tool
  • IT employee Profiles help understand different personas of employees in Service Management environment 
  • Global benchmark is available for countries, channels and different types of employee profiles
  • Easy to use drill down analytics that can be shared with partners and own employees without additional license cost
  • Ready made ServiceNow widgets that will show the data directly to agent who resolved the ticket/case in their ServiceNow agent view
  • Info screens that can be displayed in common areas within the Service Management to show the results transparently to IT teams and other employees in real time