HappySignals Platform Browser Requirements

The following lists requirements, that your browser should full fill in order for you to enjoy a full HappySignals experience.

Support levels

(A) Fully supported, some look and feel differences may occur.

(B) Partially supported, core functionalities work, look and feel differences occur.

(C) Non-supported, the application might work and may not work

HappySignals Analytics

HappySignals Analytics is tested against and supports the following desktop browsers:

Google Chrome (latest stable version) (A)
Firefox (latest stable version) (A)
Microsoft Edge (A)
Safari (A)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9,10,11 (C)
For best results, use the latest version of Google Chrome.
For mobile devices the tests have been done with:
Safari on iOS 12 and newer (A)
Android 9.0 and newer with latest Chrome (latest stable version) (A)

For your Desktop Browser please ensure that:

JavaScript is enabled.
Cookies are enabled.
A security protocol newer than SSLv3 is supported.

HappySignals Analytics LiveScreens

LiveScreens uses HappySignals Analytics data to display views on large screens like TVs. Due to this the browser support is limited to:

Safari (A)
Google Chrome (latest stable version)(A)
Microsoft Edge (A)

HappySignals Feedback Response Form

Response form handles most of the interaction with HappySignals XMP and has the widest support.

Google Chrome (latest stable version) (A)
Firefox (latest stable version) (A)
Microsoft Edge (A)
Safari (A)
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

Ticketing systems that work in a desktop/mobile browser

HappySignals widgets and reports and configuration views in systems like ServiceNow have been tested against and work according to the systems browser requirements:

ServiceNow (Latest or previous two releases): https://docs.servicenow.com/

Cherwell: https://help.cherwell.com/bundle/release_notes_940_help_only/page/oxy_ex-1/content/release_notes/csm_system_requirements.html

Questions? Comments? Chat or email support@happysignals.com