HappySignals Release - 26 October 2022

This release adds monthly reports, drilling down into data based on ticket resolution time, one-click filtering of comments with names mentioned, and more.

New ๐ŸŽ‰

  • Monthly Reports can now be accessed on-platform in the Share section, for customers who have reports created for them. Find out more from your Customer Happiness team.

  • Resolution Time graph: Drill down into data based on ticket resolution time (duration from when a ticket is raised to when itโ€™s resolved). Compare resolution time with perceived lost time to identify business-critical areas.

  • Tagging of free text comments with names mentioned: Filter for comments with names mentioned in one click. Now you can more easily acknowledge team members who have been commended for their good service.

  • Customizable default roles for new users with SSO: Customers that have enabled SSO can now choose the default role assigned to new users invited to the platform โ€“ administrator, member, or observer.