HappySignals Release - 29 November 2023

This release adds survey form enhancements to gather more open text feedback, as well as Live Screen upgrades.

🎉 New: Nudge Prompts for all surveys and languages

We've now released Nudge Prompts for all HappySignals surveys, across all our supported languages! Previously, this was an Experimental Feature being tested by some organizations.

Nudge Prompts encourage respondents who had poor experiences to write open text feedback, helping IT understand how to improve. While respondents' Score, Lost Time, and Factor selections already provide valuable insight, any open text feedback they write could offer a more detailed understanding about what went wrong and where IT should focus investigation and improvement efforts.

That's why all our surveys will now prompt respondents who give a negative score (0-6) but do not write any open text feedback to share more details about their experience. Watch a quick demo of Nudge Prompts below:

Multi-language support
: The prompt's language aligns with the language of the survey form. For example, respondents who give a negative score in a French form and do not provide any open text feedback will see the Nudge Prompt displayed in French.

🤖 Live Screen upgrades

Live Screens will now reload nightly between 3 - 4AM (local time of the device), so that they will be updated with any edits made without needing to restart devices.