12.6.2019 HappySignals Employee Experience 1.2 Release Notes

Changes and improvements related to HappySignals Employee Experience 1.2 ServiceNow Store version.

Important: Prior to updating document your HappySignals Email and General Settings - just in case the update overwrites some configurations. We have of course tested this many times, but better be safe than sorry :)

Exposed more Email Properties in application menu for ease of configuration

Added ua=robot to Email Notification Scripts to catch email scanner initiated automatic clicks of the email html button.

Application Access changes to Factor and Feedback tables. Fixes empty Factor issue.

Added tableName to HappyCustomConfig call.

Other bugfixes (minor)


Once the application is updated, please reassure that your General and Email Properties for the Application are unchanged - if something got overwritten, please just enter the ones you documented prior to updating.