HappySignals Analytics Release 1.14 2020-04-23

Please see below new features and changes to existing ones. Even some bug fixes/improvements!


Where do we get feedback from? How do our scores compare with others organizations in the same countries? The Benchmarks Map shows it all!

Only for IT Incidents and Requests

Targets per Ticket type and Enterprise Classification

Admins can now set Targets not only for ESM (like IT) but also to combinations of ESM and Ticket Type. This selection is reflected everywhere, e.g. if you select IT and then ticket type Incidents and look at a Live Screen with with the said filters selected, the Target you get is what you have set in the Settings.

Feature can be used by XMP (experience management platform) Admins

Share a Private QuickSignal

You can now share a private QuickSignals that you have created easily:

  1. Open your QuickSignal and copy the url shown in your browser.
  2. Send the url to your co-worker.

If your co-worker has access to your environment, they can access QuickSignals - and even save it as their own new Private Signal!

Minor Tweaks and Fixes


Observers can now create/delete Private QuickSignals.


If no data, user friendly UI (empty or with a message) is shown.

Live Screens

Fixed LiveScreen comments only showing old comments.

Fix missing footer options in livescreen settings - now almost everything can be selected.


Fix default report card not showing in dashboard if last week has 0 volume.

Fixed NPS potentially showing more than 100 (or lower than -100) in some rare rounding up/down cases.

Fixed various visual & markup bug