HappySignals Analytics Release 1.13 2020-03-10

In this release we finalized the LiveScreens and added our Phase 1 POC implementation.

New Slide for Profiles - IT Profile Details.

Requires Administrative rights

Details show where a certain profile is located, which channel they use etc. Shows one profile details at a time / rotation of the whole slide set.

Create a new LiveScreen directly from a QuickSignal

Requires Administrative rights

Just click on the Hearts and you are taken to LiveScreen administration with QuickSignals' filters preselected.

Reset a LiveScreen URL

Requires Administrative rights

Click Reset Link to recreate the link you were using. Old links cease to work.

Other tweaks/fixes

  • LiveScreens: Channel Volumes renamed to Volumes AND the title on slide now respects anything you choose as the “Calculate for”.
  • Settings: Invite New Members: Fixed a bug that prevented an invitee to be anything else than "Member"
  • LiveScreens: Profile Summary and Profile Details now shown only if ESM is IT