How to get rid of "Unknown" or "Empty" data in HappySignals Analytics

HappySignals Analytics displays the data it receives from the linked ITSM platform as it is. If you see data that is "Unknown" or "Empty", this is most likely because some categorization data is missing.

In other words, the Unknowns are a result of the fact that HappySignals does not receive 100 % correctly categorized data from the related ticket or user record. The categorization is based on the HappySignals configuration in your ITSM Platform.

How to fix this?

It may be possible to correct this by making sure that each response contains all the needed operational data, when it is logged:

  1. The data shall be configured in the correct way for HappySignals to receive and utilize it.
  2. The process may need to be polished, so that the Resolver (Service Desk agent) will not / cannot leave the necessary categorization information unfilled.

Check the missing data in HappySignals Analytics

Start the process by looking at the data in HappySignals.  

When HappySignals is implemented, we will together decide what ticket category data will be sent over to HappySignals with each resolved ticket to be shown in the Analytics views. For Proactive IT feedbacks - data is typically coming from User record. Depending on the maturity of the source data and adherence to agreed ticket handling practices by the resolvers can often become apparent, when you start seeing the data.

HappySignals shows the data in Analytics as it is received, so if you see values like Unknown or Empty there, it usually means that a field was in fact empty or for some reason the value of it couldn't be read when the resolution email (or feedback email) with HappySignals rating buttons was created.

You can start to investigate the issue by selecting such a text as a filter, and then e.g. seeing if it's a particular Service or Assignment Group, where these values mostly occur. You can also download the feedback data to a .csv file and use your preferred spreadsheet tool to analyse it further. And you can always just open the ticket details of a single feedback, and click the ticket link to see the actual ticket in your ticketing tool to verify, if the data was indeed missing or not.

Change the configurations and/or process

Make sure all necessary data is collected for each response by:

  1. making the needed configuration changes in the ITSM platform, and/or
  2. making sure the categorization data is always added manually when the tickets are resolved.

The Unknowns will stop to be collected, the old ones will remain

After you have made the corrections, the Unknowns will not disappear immediately, but there will not be new ones in the new responses. The old ones will disappear from the default HappySignals view after 2 months.

Still not happy?

If you cannot find any apparent cause from your ITSM Platform, we're always happy to help you investigate it further. In such cases, please send us an email to