Does the Use of HappySignals Affect ServiceNow's Licensing Costs?

When it comes to managing end-user experiences, HappySignals offers invaluable insights for organizations leveraging ServiceNow ITSM. However, customers often seek clarity regarding potential implications on licensing costs. Specifically, they inquire about the possibility of incurring additional expenses related to custom tables or API requests when implementing the HappySignals application from the ServiceNow Store.

Let's delve deeper into this matter and provide a comprehensive overview based on official guidelines:

1. Free Store Features and Applications:

  • Free features and applications developed by ServiceNow partners necessitate customers to hold entitlements for the number of included custom tables.
  • This entitlement can be sourced from bundled custom tables within their ServiceNow products or through a Now Platform App Engine subscription.
  • Noteworthy is the exemption of free Store applications categorized as "integration" from the custom table count. They typically do not require additional custom table entitlement unless the out-of-the-box integration is expanded with the creation of additional custom tables.

2. Paid Partner-Built Store Downloads:

  • Paid Store features and applications crafted by ServiceNow partners come with embedded entitlements for the custom tables they include.
  • In cases where a paid partner-built app is transacted on the ServiceNow Store with a contract value exceeding zero dollars ($0), it does not consume additional custom tables. Extra custom table entitlement is only necessary if the out-of-the-box application is extended with the creation of more custom tables.

3. HappySignals and Custom Tables:

  • HappySignals falls under the classification of an integration application per ServiceNow’s definition.
  • Given that HappySignals neither inherits tables nor extends the task table, it does not impact ServiceNow’s custom table allocation.

4. API transactions and Integration Hub Limitations

  • ServiceNow’s Integration Hub relies on API calls, and licensing is based on the number of transactions through the hub. Customers often express concerns about Integration Hub limitations and their impact on licensing costs.
  • It’s important to note that HappySignals does not use ServiceNow’s Integration Hub. Therefore, HappySignals usage does not affect licensing costs through API calls.

5. Feedback Data and Data Size Concerns:

  • Customers often express concerns about potential data size issues in ServiceNow when integrating feedback data. However, it's crucial to provide reassurance regarding the scale of feedback data compared to the total volume of tickets. Typically, feedback constitutes only 20-25% of the total, which means the volume should not overwhelm the system.
  • Moreover, ServiceNow offers an out-of-the-box data archival process designed to archive historical data efficiently. As part of best practices, we recommend implementing this archival process to manage data size effectively. Specifically, we advise archiving feedback data older than 2 years to ensure optimal system performance and data management.

In conclusion, organizations can confidently deploy the HappySignals application without concerns of accruing additional licensing costs, provided they adhere to ServiceNow’s official guidelines. The integrative nature of HappySignals ensures it does not contribute to the usage of custom tables

Note: Discuss licensing with your ServiceNow account representative for information specific to your contract.