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AI with HappySignals Service

To maximize the value gained from the contextual and end-users’ response data, we use AI services to categorize data, extract valuable pieces of information from it, and for detecting notable patterns. This helps our customers to find and act upon the observations made with HappySignals Service. 


Example: Service Owner in Acme Corp. would need to see all the training related feedback received in the last 6 months for a specific service. To do this Service Owner would have to read through 2000 open text feedbacks and make assumptions related to training. Using AI, we can categorize the feedback decorating the result with other pieces of data in the system. Instead of using 20+ hours of reading and making notes, the system can significantly reduce the time used for timid tasks and surely bring more smiles.

Security and Privacy

With HappySignals Service we use Microsoft Azure native AI tools and services. The processing of customer data happens in the same data center where the customer instance is located, and there are no data transfers to third parties or cross-borders.


You can find more information about Azure AI Platform from the links below: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/legal/cognitive-services/language-service/data-privacy



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