10.10.2018 Release

A release that contained a lot of background stuff and some minor adjustments to HappySignals Analytics and bug fixes

Unique constraint response

Now there is absolutely no chance of 2 feedback with the same Proof of Origin digest to exist in the database - this fixes the problem where in some very very scarce situations 2 posts happened at the exact same time and thus neither of them was formed in the db in time for the application to notice the duplicates.


First version of the Vendor API for secure queries to each tenants response data - if you need this, please contact support@happysignals.com

Changes to HappySignals Internal management of tenants and users

Not listed here as this is internal :)

Small changes to Analytics texts

Response exists note fixes - a nicer way to say that the response exists already

Remedy BMC integration

Remedy v2 integration allows us to talk with BMC Remedy

Password reset

Tightened security

Analytics UI

Fixes for iPad Professional 10,7'' and the 9'' version - lost time not ellipsed.

Text changes