What does HappySignals cost?

HappySignals pricing is simple. Here is a short summary of the principles and prices (starting from 1.1.2020). For more details, please contact us at hello@happysignals.com.

HappySignals Service Experience, yearly subscription


Core Subscription 3,50 € per employee + Ticketing System Module 15.000 €


Core Subscription £3,50 per employee + Ticketing System Module £15.000


Core Subscription $4,00 per employee + Ticketing System Module $20.000

The price includes:

  • Rollout
  • New versions
  • Support
  • Unlimited users for Analytics
  • Assistance from HappySignals Customer Happiness Team
Example price for a company with 10.000 employees: 10.000 * 3,50 € + 15.000 € = 50.000 € / year

Price is invoiced once a year in advance. Agreement is always continuous and default period is one year. Agreement is automatically renewed if it is not cancelled.

How is the number of employees calculated?

In our license model all employees / contractors who might answer the survey are calculated as employees.

Do changes in the number of employees affect pricing?

Yes. The number of employees is confirmed in the agreement phase and reviewed yearly (2 months before the next license period). Changes during the year do not affect HappySignals pricing, unless a change is significant (e.g. mergers and acquisitions).

Is volume discount possible?

If a customer organisation has more than 20.000 employees, a discount is applied to the per employee price.

For more details, please contact us at hello@happysignals.com.