Set Targets for Happiness and Lost Work Time for ESM and Ticket Type

In Targets you can set the Reports page Chart target by Enterprise Classification, e.g. IT or Finance. The target can be set for both happiness and lost work time.

Requires HappySignals Analytics Administrator level role.


1) In Settings navigate to Targets.

2) Check your Enterprise Classification and select the one you want to change. Note that this list does not necessarily show more than on selection, in this example there are feedback from multiple classifications and thus multiple selections are shown.


3) Move the sliders to the values you want to target.

4) You can also set Targets for each ticket type in your selected ESM. If the ticket type is inactive, the main target is followed. In the image below an example of IT ESM selections

5) When you are ready, click Save Changes. Done.

You can now verify the change:

1) Go to Reports

2) Select the classification you used when changing the targets.

3) Hover over the word Target in the chart, you should se the value you selected and saved as the new target.

4) Chnage ticket types and you would experience the same as above if values are set

Verify also the new value for lost work time by selecting Lost Time from the top of the page and repeating step 3.

That's it!

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